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Why partner with African Slots?


Enter into a partnership with African Slots and you will benefit from our wide range of world class services.


  • We will assist you in the site licensing process for your venue
  • We will assist with necessary Gambling Board approvals
  • We will upgrade the specified gaming area of your venue, subject to a minimum requirement and limited to R200 000
  • We will install technologically advanced and innovative gaming machines, up to the value of R500 000
  • We will support you with continuous site promotion and visits by qualified technicians and representatives
  • We will provide extensive training for the operation of our machines
  • We will provide hands on machine management and advice
  • We will provide a 24 hour helpline, as well as technical support and maintenance
  • We will perform reconciliations and analytical reports to determine the performance of your site
  • We will ensure a connection to the Central Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS)
  • We will ensure the promotion of Responsible Gambling, in accordance with the dictates of the National Responsible Gambling Programme


In short, by entering into a profit sharing partnering with African Slots, you can:


  • Increase your profits without incurring additional costs
  • Benefit from our re-investment into your property and business
  • Increase your entertainment offering to your patrons
  • Benefit from our marketing of your venue
  • Increase the overall value of your venture

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