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Who are African Slots?


  • We are a 100% proudly South African owned and operated company, dedicated to providing an exceptional client orientated service
  • Our sole focus is on site operators, ensuring that you are always our number one priority
  • We are backed by professionals who boast a wealth of experience in the Limited Payout Machine industry, experience which will be available to you
  • We are committed to establishing and maintaining strong and viable business relationships with you and we strive to do this by continually exceeding your expectations
  • We are in the business of creating wealth and profit for you without the burden of additional costs
  • We create individual solutions for your business, tailor making our product offering to support your unique needs
  • We believe that our passion, dedication and committed service excellence will increase the fun, value, ambience and entertainment value of your business


We believe in forming synergistic relationships with our clients and by choosing to partner with African Slots, you can be assured that we will supply you with innovative and technologically advanced gaming equipment. Coupled with our exceptional customer service and support, we are confident in our position as the premier Limited Payout Machines operator in Mpumalanga.

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